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The Pit: 3×9: 3x9

Episode 76

Azer goes over to the Koçovalı’s residence as a guest to pick his mom up, and meets the Koçovalı family for the first time. Yamaç’s saving Fadik will not prevent the Azer-Yamaç meeting. Despite the objections of Fadik and Efsun, the fight between Azer and Yamaç will be very exciting. Akın is at the point of no return; and when he asks for help from his old allies he will face his mom which will raise new questions. Cumali’s next move is highly anticipated, and a big surprise waits for Damla who gets information about him. Vartolu will get help from Celasun and Meke to get one more step closer to Ziya. The encounter between Vartolu and Ziya is highly anticipated.

The Pit: 3×9
Nov. 18, 2019

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