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The Pit: 2×31: 2x31

Episode 64

During the confrontation of Yamaç and Aliço with Yücel Yamaç will go back to the starting point and will lose Yücel. In the meantime, İdris will confront Azer Kurtuluş, the brother of Savaş who died in Salih’s place. Cumali will learn something that will lead him to suspicion. Damla will also learn the same thing through a different way. This will lead the two of them to a difficult situation. The Koçovalıs together with Aliço, Emmi, Medet, Metin and Kemal will join forces to stop Azer. But Azer will show them that he doesn’t intend to leave The Pit unless he avenges his brother’s death.

The Pit: 2×31
May. 06, 2019

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